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Frequently Asked Questions

We charge primarily by the size of your plant, how many square feet it occupies in our greenhouse. For the upcoming storage season, the cost is $50 per square foot. For instance, a plant that’s 2 feet wide by 2 feet deep is a 4 square foot plant and stores for $400. We do not charge “full fare” for large palms, bananas and trees that primarily have all of their foliage high above the ground. We can store plants up to 18’ tall at no additional charge. For this year, most plants that fall into this category will cost between $250-$350 to store for the season.

The storage charge includes all of the appropriate and necessary care your plants require including watering, pruning, regular grooming, fertilization and pest control. In addition to the basics covered under the storage charge, some plants require special treatment such as repotting and root pruning, extensive and/or creative top pruning, restaking or trellis repairs. These additional procedures are charged time and material.

Yes, except in the case of extremely expensive or large, heavy containers, the plant may have to be removed for storage. There is a slight charge to remove plants from their decorative containers on site and repot them to nursery containers back in the greenhouse. For an additional charge, we can acquire new and one-of-a-kind containers.

We are located in Cheshire, CT near the cross- roads of I-84 and I-691. Approximately 25 minutes from New Haven and Hartford, 2 ½ hours from Boston and without traffic on I-95 or The Merritt, two hours from NYC.

We service all of Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York east of the Hudson River, south of Albany and all of Long Island and New York City and New Jersey.

Yes, for a hassle-free experience, we offer pick up and delivery. Our standard transportation charge for the upcoming storage season is between $250-$500 each way. This standard charge can vary depending on the size and number of plants stored and location of the plants on your property. Plants that are required to be transported lying down in the truck are charged accordingly.

We begin pickups in late September through early November. You can accept your plants delivered beginning late April through early June. Your specific pickup/delivery date will depend on your geographic location and on our routing schedule.

October 1st to June 1st

Hibiscus and Agapanthus are our two most popular plants stored. We store approximate 2000 plants each year of approximately 100 different types.

We can accommodate plants up to 18’ tall and width is not usually an issue.

We are always looking for individuals who might enjoy and be qualified to work for Gardens at Cheshire. Please reach out through the Contact Us page.

Our location is a modern 43,000 square foot greenhouse equipped with state of the art climate control technology required to maintain safe environmental conditions. Plants are stored in one of three climates depending on their plant zone requirements. We heat with natural gas and are protected from power outages by a diesel generator and backup oil furnaces.

We have not found any plant that can’t be wintered over.

Please reach out to us through our contact page on the site!

A question from me

Where were your plants stored last year?

I usually ask new clients if and where they stored their plants last year. I’ve heard horror stories about lugging their beloved plants into their living room, unheated sun porch, dimly lit basement or storing them in their ex-best friend’s greenhouse that froze up when the power failed and the generator didn’t start. You’ll like our results much better!

- John McGinnis

Getting a quote is easy

Tell us a little about yourself and the plants you have so we can get back to you with a plant storage quote as soon as possible. The winter storage season is September 1 – June 1.